Senior Commercial Litigation Solicitor

We are looking for a Senior Commercial Litigation Solicitor for a law firm in Chester.


  • Proven experience as a high performing, successful, recognised leader and Head of Department.
  • Has drive and determination to succeed underpinned by financial acumen and exceeds revenue expectations.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the changing legal environment and the impact to the business. Creates new innovative concepts to ensure competitive advantage, increased efficiency savings and risk mitigation.
  • Highly motivated and energetic with the ability to cascade to the team and wider business.
  • Is a recognised key team player, advocate and winner.
  • Able to demonstrate the legal and technical knowledge of all areas of Commercial Litigation law and practice. Acts as a mentor effectively cascading information to the Department.
  • Analytical strategic thinker with an ability to utilise Management Information (MI) effectively. Identifies and removes obstacles with clear planning and delivery in a timely manner.
  • Clear and professional approach to handling difficult situations. Ability to answer complex questions in straightforward terms.


  • Responsible for the strategic direction and performance of the Business Plan and 3-5 year strategy.
  • Creates and motivates a high performing team to exceed financial targets in a collaborative positive culture.
  • Is a recognised leader and mentor to members of the team and the business.
  • Is well respected in the workplace and the industry for being an expert, credible and high performer.
  • Understands risks facing the department and business. Creates and owns the department risk matrix, regularly reviews and provides mitigation to protect the business.
  • Adheres to compliance and risk management frameworks ensuring all requirements are proactively managed and the business is protected.
  • Complies with internal and external regulatory requirements including but not limited to AML Guidance, Data Protection, SRA Outcomes and Accounts procedures, Client Care, published KPIs and SLAs.
  • Builds and demonstrates a high-quality reputation and workload to complement the business profile.
  • Proactively seeks and obtains new high network streams for their area and the business generally.

For more information on this role, please contact [email protected]