If you’ve been applying to hundreds of job positions and still haven’t yet secured a position, you might be doing something wrong. Don’t feel glum, the good news is you can fix this! First of all, let’s explore the possible reasons why you haven’t been getting the job!

  1. You’re attributing everything to luck

You just faced another rejection. “Is me,” you might think.  Well, if you keep getting rejected, you could potentially be at fault. First, stop blaming it on luck, and work on amping up your interview skills and CV. The job market may be bad, but there are still people around you getting jobs. Talk to and learn from them. Figure out how to place yourself in the best position possible so that when an opportunity comes along, you’ll be a prime candidate. And perhaps the hiring manager can give you honest feedback on why you didn’t get the job. It’s rare, but it happens!

  1. You’re careless

Typos and poor grammar in your CV , not doing research on the company before your interview — these are some careless mistakes that can easily nix you as a candidate. I’ve prepped with friends who say they are well prepared but still make these careless mistakes, so it’s essential to keep practising. For more help with typing your CV take a look on our hints ans tips page- http://www.acs-recruitment.co.uk/cv-dos-donts/ 

  1. You’re not focused

You’re blasting out your CV to hundreds of companies and agencies, hoping that one will take the bait. You’re under the assumption that the more you apply, the higher your chances will be of scoring a job.

But, there is a difference between wanting the job and wanting a job. Employers don’t like seeing that you’ll take whatever you can get, and you may come across that way if you have the “I’ll take anything” mentality. Be smart about applying for jobs, and pick the ones you are excited about and have a better chance of getting.

  1. Your CV is weak

If you’re not even securing an interview, there are a couple of possibilities. One is your CV needs a face-lift. If you are unsure about your CV ask us to look over it, and make sure each CV is tailored to the job listing.  And if your CV looks a little empty, start padding it by taking on things like intern-ships, contract jobs, or volunteer opportunities.

  1. You’re not articulating well

So you made it to the interview round, but you’re just not getting a call back after the interview. It’s time to brush up on your interviewing skills. Prep with your friends, and do your homework on the company. Ask your friends to surprise you with questions that aren’t the typical interview queries so you’ll be prepared for off-the-cuff answers.

  1. You panicked during the interview

Maybe you were thrown by a question and panicked, but the key is to calmly work through the situation. Take a few deep breaths, and take a moment to think about how you should respond. Remember: don’t worry about getting the answer right — do your best to show the interviewer your thought process and how you would figure out the answer. Please see our hints and tips page – http://www.acs-recruitment.co.uk/interview-top-tips/ 

  1. You’re not selling your potential

Most of the time, employers are looking ahead and hiring you based on your potential and not your accomplishments. A 2012 study by Stanford and Harvard found that companies favour candidates who have potential versus ones who have already proven their potential through accomplishments. This is good news for those who are applying for positions they are slightly under-qualified for or who have less experience under their belt. But this also means that people who are more accomplished should avoid complacency and really hone their interview skills. The theory is that people want to stumble upon “the next big thing,” and it’s more tempting to be hopeful of what someone can do and envision a future with them. The key to really evoking this reaction in your hiring managers is to talk more about what you can do for the company versus what you’ve already done.

  1. You’re not a self-starter

Interviewers want employees who take the initiative, because they don’t want to hold your hand through everything. They want someone who can bring fresh ideas to the table and has leadership traits.


For more advice on interview help, why not speak with one of our consultants-Stephanie or Gabriella.