Your time-sheets are the last thing you need to worry about at this time of year however, by now you should all have been notified the process for your time-sheets over the Christmas period.  Again, the details are as follows:

W/C 15/12/14 you need to have your time-sheet at the latest 11am on Monday 22/12/14.

W/C 22/12/14 we need your hours in by 12pm Tuesday 23rd. If you are working Christmas Eve, you need to include these hours on this time-sheet (in advance).

If you have followed the correct submission dates, all Candidates will be paid on Christmas Eve!

You will be paid again New Years Eve- 31st

ACS Office Christmas Hours

The office will close for Christmas Tuesday 23rd and reopen Monday 29th. We will then close again 30th and resume business on Friday 2nd. However, Steph and Gabriella will have access to emails, if you have any urgent enquires.