We are looking for a LVI Fraud Solicitor for a Wirral based office.

Duteis will include but not be limited to,

  • Dealing with all aspects of litigated and non – litigated personal injury claims involving allegations of Fraud and/or Low Velocity Impact (LVI)..
  • Progressing claims in a timely manner in accordance with the CPR
  • Prioritising urgent schedule entries and dealing with remainder of daily tasks on To Do list
  • Dealing with all aspects of litigated and non – litigated personal injury claims involving Road Traffic Accidents and /or any files of a technical nature which you may from time to time be asked to advise on, handle and/or progress
  • Instructing Counsel, to attend conferences, hearings and CMCs etc
  • Ensuring clients are kept informed and up to date on a regular basis throughout the life of the claim.
  • Speaking to and updating referrers as often as possible to ensure a consistency of service and to ensure referrer’s loyalty to the Firm
  • Checking the authenticity and validity of claims by speaking with clients regularly on potentially difficult files
  • Building a relationship with clients to minimise the possibility of complaints and to enhance the reputation of the firm and the service it provides
  • Ensuring that any BTE and/or ATE insurer is kept updated and fully informed as to the progress of any claims to reduce any potential cost liability.
  • Doing daily Bills within specified times
  • Carrying out regular and timely cabinet reviews

The right candidate will,

  • Have a least 3 years experience
  • Maintain pro- active communication with clients to ensure all heads of claim are discussed with the client at the outset and throughout the claim.
  • Discuss liability and/or quantum offers with the relevant parties making use of the telephone rather than letter whenever possible.
  • Consider and advise clients on issues of contributory negligence as and when they may arise.

Full time permanent position.

£25,000 – £40,000

For more information please contact [email protected]

All Applicants will be reviewed within the next working day and successful applicants will be acknowledged within 2 working days.