Industrial Disease Fee Earner

We are recruiting for an Industrial Disease Fee Earner for a Leeds based firm.

Must have 2-5 years’ experience.

The Candidate will need to possess:

  • The knowledge of running a case load of Industrial Disease or Clinical Negligence files for 2 to 5 years.
  • They must have run litigated files in the past in these fields and have knowledge of how Civil Litigation is handled.
  • Be able to progress files through the Portal Process and understand when this process applies.
  • Have the ability to pick up a progressing case load from when the last file handler left and progress the claims from this point.
  • Work well within a large team.
  • Have great communication and organisational skills.
  • Have a very good legal understanding of their field to be able to answer technical questions on the same during interview

For more information on this role, please email [email protected]