Finance Director

We are currently recruiting for a Finance Director on behalf of our established Merseyside based client.

Reporting directly to the Equity Partners, responsible for the following :

  • Management of the Accounts Team.
  • Management of the day-to-day finances of the business including the supervision of the daily reconciliation of the Office and Client Account balances. Investigation into any anomalies that may be identified.
  • Preparation of Annual targets/budgets/forecasts, presentation of the same to the Board for approval and distribution of Targets to Heads of Department and on to Fee Earners where required.
  • Review the Performance of Departments and Individual Fee Earners against Target and discussion of the same with Management/Fee Earners to identify potential trends or areas of improvement. Adjustment of Targets/Budgets/Forecasts and re-presentation to the Board where required.
  • Review, work with Management and present to the Board changes in Charge Out Rate and Fixed Fee Levels ensuring maximum profitability and recovery of Costs.
  • Work with Equity Partners to ensure individual and group affairs are managed efficiently.
  • Manage Capital Injections/Drawing Levels of the existing Partners, as well as to identify and manage new Partners/Investors into the Business.
  • Attendance at regular Board Meetings to present findings and to competently and pro-actively contribute to Business Decisions.
  • Preparation of regular Management Information and the presentation of the same to the Board. This includes the monitoring and Analytical Review of financial results and KPI’s against targets/budgets/forecasts.
  • Ensure that all Payments from both Client and Office Account are made promptly and accurately, whilst ensuring compliance with internal and external policies at all times.
  • Assisting the MLRO with matters relating to Money Laundering Regulations and ensuring the correcting and immediate identification/verification of funds arriving into the Business and Client Bank Accounts.
  • Preparation of the monthly Payroll, together with RTI reporting to HMRC and calculation and payment of taxes and National Insurance Contributions based thereon.
  • Management of the Pension Scheme, including the assessment of new staff, re-assessment of existing staff, calculation of Employee/Employer contributions and the payment of the same to the Pension Provider.
  • Preparation of the Quarterly VAT Returns, including submission of the same to HMRC and the prompt payment of the arising Tax Liability.
  • Maintaining an exemplary relationship with the Business Bankers at all times. This includes keeping close contact with the Business Relationship Manager and the regular reporting of Financial Information thereto.
  • Identification of the need for adequate Financial Support from Investors/Loan Providers and the application for the drawdown of funds relating thereto. Identification of the correct type of funding at the best rate is essential
  • Working with the Practice Director, regular review of Pricing and Costings from all Suppliers, including the review of all leases and Service Contracts, to ensure that all overheads of the Firm are incurred at the lowest rates achievable.
  • As the Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA), responsible for the Financial Compliance of the Firm as regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.
  • Responsible for maintaining an exemplary relationship with the Firm’s Accountants. This includes overseeing and assisting with the Annual Client Monies Audit as regulated by the SRA, together with the completion of the Annual Financial Accounts. Responding to any Management Letter Points that may arise from Audit and utilising this process to achieve better Compliance and more effective and efficient Systems.
  • Design/Review/Amend Financial Systems within the business to allow for more efficient working processes, improvements to the day-to-day functionality of the in house Case management and Financial Data Entry and Reporting software and systems and to provide a secure environment for Business and Client Data.
  • Management of the Company Vehicle Fleet, including the monitoring of the Recording of Business Mileage/travel Expenses, Review/Renewal of Vehicle Leases and to ensure that the Company Vehicles Policies are adhered to at all times.
  • Periodically Assist with Tenders for Business Contracts in order to maximise business revenue, Working Closely with the Practice Director and Heads of Department to provide accurate financial data in relation thereto. This also includes the forecasting of potential revenue against costs to assess the viability of each contract as a work source.
  • Assist with the Acquisition of Professional Indemnity Insurance by providing all relevant figures relating thereto.
  • Assist with the Application for Business and Legal Kitemarks/Standards such as CQS/Lexcel with the accurate provision of Financial Information and other Data.
  • Work closely with the Crime Billing Team to ensure that all Legal Aid Submissions are made Timeously and accurately and that all submissions are recording accurately and correctly on the Accounts System.
  • Work Independently, or with Fee Earners, to ensure that the Billing and Credit Control procedures are adhered to. This includes the chasing of Debtors and the setting up of adequate Payment Plans with Customers.
  • Identify Opportunities to Grow Business Revenue and periodically attend Business Development and Networking Events in order to promote the Business and Grow Business Revenue.
  • Other Ad-Hoc tasks as required.

For mor information on this role, please contact [email protected]