ACS are proud to announce we are now recruiting for a case handler within a dept department, at a busy Liverpool office.

Case handlers’ help clients who have debt troubles ascertain liability, whilst also establishing the creditors’ legal right to enforce the debts against the client by challenging them under the consumer credit act 1974. This has the aim of getting the client debt free by utilising your knowledge of the law.

Case handlers would be expected to collect and confirm all information relating to the clients personal details and their creditors. They will liaise with creditors, submit legal requests and collect all the information needed in relation to debts.

Other tasks will include uploading all information received and producing reports on the back of the documents received, compiling letters of claim and also other various responses to creditors during the process.

The process is fully automated with timescales and alerts for tasks which will prompt next steps throughout the case. The case handler will be expected to fully manage their files within the timescales and keep files updated, record all post received and note all interactions with clients and creditors, as well as all outcomes.

Salary starts at £16k+