At some part of your life everyone has to go through the stressing times of an interview. An interview is like a sales call, you are the product. You need to sell yourself in a way that, they need you for that position.

I have compiled a list of questions that we think you should ask during your interview.

  1. Can you tell me more about how I would fit in with…? (insert the name of company)Employers want to know how much you want this job. Are you willing to spend time studying the company and position? If you are looking to secure that position then I highly recommend you doing so. This way this will enable you to ask further questions, to make them aware you have been researching. Make sure all your questions are relevant and fully researched correctly.
  2. What is your vision for your company’s future, and how do you see me contributing to this?Employers love to talk about their company and their positive vision for the future. If they are passionate about their work, they will enjoy a discussion on their dreams-let them start to think about you helping to fulfil them. Asking these types of questions shows them that you are a forward thinker – a desirable quality.
  3. Can you tell me what a typical day in this position and company is like? 

    This will show the interviewer that you are looking to understand how you will fit in to the company and shows that you are repaired to understand the work required.

  4. Can you tell me about your company culture? 

    Every company has a culture. Let them know you are interested in what makes them tick, how they are unique in the way they relate to each other.

  5. Do you have any concerns about my qualification that would prevent you from selecting me for this position? 

    As explained earlier, you are a product where you need to sell yourself. It’s better to get all objections on the table so you can deal with them. Many people never ask this question as these discussions can be uncomfortable, but wouldn’t you like to have a heads up on what could potentially hold you back. This will give you the opportunity explain that you may not necessarily have the required qualifications, but you have the experience to actively put this into place. You’re best to deal with any obstacles head on.